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Who We Are

We are a BC registered Charity organization based in the Lower Mainland who strives to support the development and cultivation of school garden programs.  Established in 2015 by Founder and Visionary Barb McMahon, the organization has evolved from the 5 years of developing the Forest Grove School Garden. A working model for other schools, our school garden programs include: Edible Garden Projects, Outdoor Labyrinth for Schools, Cooking Classes, Organic Seed Growing Classes, After School Garden Clubs and Summer Cooking Camps.

Our Purpose

To create space and programs where children feel connected to the earth and each other, work in harmony with nature and eat the fruits of their labour;

To support school garden programs by providing classes in organic food growing principles, food activity stations and cooking classes and facilitating school community garden clubs;

To make a difference in the lives of youth and children by providing ways to live a healthier life by:

Facilitating activities with labyrinths projects focusing on mindfulness, self-regulation and social emotional learning

Facilitating conversations about the various Virtues and how they can apply in a garden or kitchen setting as in real life

To connect the lessons learned in the classroom to those lessons in the garden and kitchen settings;

Our Vision 

Individually assisting in the development of the next generation to create more empowered awakened children; equipping them with skills and self awareness to contribute to the change needed in the world.

Sprouting Chefs Kids Kitchen Programs

We Stand for:

Health and Well Being

Understanding and Compassion

The quest to do more for the earth, ourselves and each other

Love of the Outdoors
Love of Food

Listen to how Barb describes her program here via Conscious Living Radio from May 2015

Barb Koyanagi McMahon is the Founder and Visionary behind Sprouting Chefs, kitchen garden program for youth that has been centred out of Forest Grove Elementary in Burnaby, BC since 2011. She has overseen the creation and build of the first edible school garden in Burnaby and as such, understands what it takes to overcome barriers and adversity. Being a groundbreaker in the community of North Burnaby, she has seen the transformation of how building an edible school garden can bring a community together in a healthy holistic way.

A  graduate of the Gaia College Organic Master Gardeners Course, Barb is a strong and avid believer in the organic practices of growing food and creating natural garden spaces. From crop rotation and companion planting for fertilization methods to using nature as the guide to know when to plant, Barb incorporates heart and nature based knowledge into all her consultations and programs. 

Barb has taught Seed Classes, Cooking Classes and facilitates an After School Garden Club with Forest Grove Elementary creating a sustainable Garden Program. She is also now working with other schools in the Lower Mainland of BC, teaching Seed and Cooking Classes as well as a Summer Wellness and Cooking Camp.

School Garden Project Coordination Services Include:

  • Project Management
  • Planning and Defining Scope of a School Garden Project
  • Activity Planning and Sequencing
  • Presentations to Staff and Students
  • School Garden Project Management
  • Volunteer Coordination

Cooking Demonstrations & Classes

  • Integrated into K to Gr. 7 Science, Math, Social Studies and Language Arts Curriculum
  • Presentations to daycare providers on fun ways to engage children to eat well
  • Food Activity Stations Facilitated by Holistic Nutritionist and Post Secondary Student Volunteers
  • Healthy recipes highlighting local seasonal ingredients and what is growing in school gardens in BC
  • Mindful Conscious Healthy Eating Choice Discussions

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