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Consultations & Workshops

Starting a garden project in a school that is yet to see many flowers let alone some grass can be a daunting task. Knowing where to start, what the vision is and what a school needs to make a project successful and sustainable are all tricks in my garden bag. A consultation and workshop can include:
  • How to start and prepare a vision for your project
  • Site Assessment and Project Feedback based on a facilitated visioning conversation with your group
  • Interesting ideas of how to engage the staff, students or parents of a school garden project
  • Ways of tackling the issues a school district or community might have preventing the project to move on to the planning stage to the building of excitement stage
  • Power Point Group Presentations to Engage the Community

Heart Based Nature Lessons and Activities

Heart based nature lessons are lessons that shed a light into nature and into the hearts of children allowing them to truly shine. Conversations in the garden naturally can flow into conversations about Trust, Patience, Love, and Forgiveness. We need to Trust first that our seeds will grow into healthy plants we can eat. If this doesn't happen we need to Forgive whatever element prevented the seed to grow. Painting Signs of Virtues is a unique experience for students to share with their siblings and parents which also happens to beautify a garden space. Each Virtue is discussed in a way the students can understand and shared in a group situation. After each Virtue (up to 12) is discussed, students then have an opportunity to create a painting that feels best to them in describing what the words mean. Heart opening conversations, art in the garden and allowing students to shine their light are the intentions of these activities.

School Labyrinths

A Labyrinth is a mindfulness tool used by any and all who choose to walk the winding paths with a specific intention. The paths are designed with one way in and one way out; they are not a maze. Built as a way to enhance the outdoor space near a beloved boulder called "The Big Rock" at Forest Grove Elementary, the Labyrinth Project was designed intentionally to allow the students to exchange their ideas after a conversation of what they wanted to create in Year 2 of the After School Garden Club at Forest Grove Elementary. A labyrinth was discovered as a way to bring in their ideas of a natural enhancement in the area and combine a mindfulness piece to the Garden Program.
Built with the assistance of the intermediate classes, curriculum including a Grade 7 Math component was integrated into the process of the creation. A total of just over 100 students participated in the creation and build of the Labyrinth on April 2, 2014. Moments of leadership, mindfulness and respect were noted as a result of this project. The labyrinth is now used by teachers as a model as a Self Regulation, Social-Emotional and Conflict Resolution tool.

After School Garden Club 

Maintenance, watering, harvesting and regular tending to the garden should be a student activity. Once a garden has been built, creating a time after school when students of any grade can come together to maintain their new school garden is a tremendous community building opportunity. 
Garden Club Activities:
  • Bulb Bombing in the fall
  • Safe Food Fall Harvesting
  • Watering and Maintenance
  • Garden Waste Composting
  • Seed Planting Guide and When to Harvest or Transplant Seedlings
  • Garden Design and Mapping Based on Organic Growing Principles

Cooking & Gardening Classes: 

The activities I create empower children with skills and knowledge in the Kitchen or Garden Setting:

  • Gardens are platforms for bigger conversations around environmental awareness, connections to the earth, how every living thing has a purpose and how food grows. Cooking Classes become platforms for students to shine with various life skills some never knew they had and meaningful food story conversations which all = Effortless Fun Learning
  • Recipes are all kid tested, family friendly and often become some of the first experiences kids have to creating their own meals. Local and seasonal ingredients are the highlight of each recipe and each class session. Parents have commented that their kids will only eat veggies if they have been grown in the school's garden. Kale chip recipes become a favourite snack that is shared by the entire family! 

Sprouting Chefs

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Gardening Class Activities - $300/Day for up to 4 Class Groups 

  • Ever try and explain what a garden is to a group of kids?
  • How about the many stages of a pumpkin without one growing outside your classroom?
  • Are you wanting to start some seeds in your classroom but not sure how and don’t frankly have the time? 
  •  Let me help you out with that. My gardening activities are based from a variety of sources, all tried and true with most using the prescribed learning outcomes for BC. We can provide a template to West Coast Seeds for a donation of a great variety of seeds to grow in BC. Topics we can cover include: Biodiversity, Worms/Worm Bins, Composting, Soil Ph, Bees, Living and Non Living Things, Companion Planting via the story of the 3 Sisters and Math and Measurements of the garden.  All activities are met with the BC Prescribed Learning Outcomes using Organic Principles. 

    After School Cooking Classes 

    Sprouting Chefs offers After School Cooking Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Community Room of Forest Grove Elementary:

    • Beginners: Ages 7 to 12 yrs old (10 Students Maximum) - $125
      Dates: Tuesdays 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm 
    • Demo Class with some hands on cooking and food preparation.
    •  Knife Skills, Reading a Recipe, Measuring Ingredients, and Kitchen Tools
    • Recipes will highlight seasonal local ingredients wherever possible, items will be sourced from the school garden
    • Discussions include the environmental impact of choosing seasonal and local ingredients
    • Sprouts: Ages 8 to 13 yrs old (10 Students Maximum) - $125
      Dates: Thursdays 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm – 

       Hands on class
    • Knife Skills, Reading a Recipe, Measuring Ingredients, and Kitchen Tools 
    • Recipes will highlight seasonal local ingredients wherever possible, items will be sourced from the school garden

    Recipe Ideas: What to do with Tomatoes from our blog

    Please email barb(at)sproutingchefs(dot)com or you can call to register by phone at 604-505-0074.

    PLEASE NOTE: We are only accepting a TOTAL of 10 Students Per Class

    Cooking Class Activities - $350/class

    • Kitchen Safety 101
    • Knife handling
    • Hand Washing
    • How to set up your kitchen space
    • Food Safety Harvest Plan – Brief Explanation
    • How to properly prepare ingredients before using and eating
    • What food that is growing in the garden that can be harvested
    • Reading and Following A Recipe (Basic Math and Science)
    • Food Activity Stations including: Health Benefits of the Main Ingredient growing in the garden hosted by Holistic Nutrition Students
    • Environmental Impacts of choosing seasonal local ingredients
    • Meal for up to 25 participants is included  
    Service Includes:
    • Demonstration & Instruction of how to prepare a meal to 10 participants minimum
    • Disposable wares (napkins, plastic cutlery, cups, condiments, service utensils, platters)
    • Clean up & Set Up (with aid from leaders and youth participants)
    • Wherever possible, food harvested from the school's garden will be used
    • Food, Small wares equipment, and Clean Up Supplies also is included with service
    • Lesson Activity Sheets from K to Gr. 7









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