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At Sprouting Chefs we provide children with opportunities to learn real life skills in garden and kitchen settings. Our vision is to inspire youth to view their world and the food they eat in a wholesome organic and healthy way. We believe that showing children where their food comes from in the garden and how to prepare it in the kitchen, will lead them to be connected to their environment and their own health. We expect that this connectedness will reap incredible benefits. We achieve this vision by sowing seeds of knowledge:

  • Where does food come from?
  • How is food prepared?
  • How healthy food promotes health and wellness
  • What can be learned in the kitchen and garden?
  • What it means to be mindful in the kitchen, the garden and everyday.

Our Purpose

  • To cultivate and facilitate programs for youth that empower them with self confidence in the skills they acquire in kitchen and garden settings
  • To make a difference in the lives of youth and children by providing ways to live a healthier life
  • To maintain and sustain A School Garden by providing urban gardening activities with youth ages 7 to 13 yrs old.
  • To harvest fruits and veggies from School Gardens to be used in local seasonal recipes during the summer camp program

We value the garden and all its stages of possibility. We value the kitchen, the heart of any home, the place where family & community gather to celebrate, nurture and inspire.

Our programs fosters mentorship by encouraging “sprouts” to cultivate future “seedlings” by joining older teens with younger elementary students, university students with high school students and community members who wish to give back and get back to nature. We will also recruit past Sprouting Chefs Cooking participants as possible mentors in the future programs.

 Summer Program

Our Summer Day Camp program is a fun way to "Sprout the Chef” within each participant with day camp sessions running from 10 am to 2 pm Mondays to Fridays throughout the summer months of July and August. Sprouting Chefs is a community based company offering services of cooking and gardening programs for children and opportunities for youth. Recipes are seasonal and inspired by local growers and of course, school gardens.

After a 5 day week session, Sprouts will graduate with the awareness of:

  • The cycle of food production from farm to table
  • Training in basic food preparation
  • Knowledge and skills in sharing and creating meal ideas for their families at home
  • The importance of community awareness and stewardship of the land
  • A strong sense of empowerment from the skills they have acquired
  • How to plant a BC Edible Garden or window box garden at home with opportunities to learn from School Gardens

Included in the cost of registration:

  • Sprouting Chef Certification
  • A mini cookbook of the meals the Sprouts prepared during the week long sessions available via a PDF document to save paper
  • An experienced chef leader who will nurture and guide the Seedlings & Sprouts
  • All food and equipment needed to prepare a locally seasonal inspired recipe
  • An edible plant to take home and continue to eat what they grow

Sprouting Chefs Children Working in Garden - Cooking Camps in VancouverOur cooking camp sessions also include Physical Activities, wide field games, Arts and Crafts, Team Building, as well as Gardening Activities.  Working with an enthusiastic team of student volunteers with backgrounds in health and nutrition, day camps and summer camps, cooking and youth programs means we can provide a whole camp experience. And of course, Lunch & Snacks are always included!

Throughout all our sessions we will encourage the use of composts, reducing food waste and developing an understanding of food security.

Recipes will all be centered around what kids can do at home with and for their families from Basic Pasta Meals, Learning how to use Herbs, Soups and Lunch Ideas to healthy snacks and desserts. 

Please note: Our first class always focuses on Safety and Orientation around the kitchen. As such, there is less cooking on the first day so students are prepared to fully engage by the second day. 

We do little or no baking with our classes as we do our best to keep sugar, flours and sweets to a minimum.

Vancouver Cooking Camp

  • Location: True Nosh Studios, 2200 Ontario St., Vancouver
  • Dates: July 16 to 20 (10 to 13 yr olds), August 13 to 20 (7 to 9 yr olds)
  • Times: 9 am to 3 pm
  • Cost: $375
  • Registration Package

Sprouting Chefs Children Showing Off Pizza at Vancouver Cooking CampAn introduction to cooking using the summer harvest of vegetables and fruit, this 5 day camp program takes children ages 7 to 9 yrs old and one week for 10 to 13 yr olds on a journey of all the goodness BC has to offer. This camp will have a focus on Holistic Wellness.  Activities will include a trip to tour the Cambie St Whole Foods Market to discover the journey of food to market, a walking tour of a nearby community garden, yoga sessions, crystal and essential oils health benefits, mala and dream catcher making. The Sprouts will enjoy cooking some of the following items:

  • Summer Salads and Simple Vinaigrettes
  • Basic Pasta Sauces and Pizza
  • Salad Rolls and other Asian Favourites
  • Energizing Green Smoothies
  • Appetizers and Hors D’ouerves
  • Baking Principles 101


All Age Camp - 7 to 12 yrs REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

Set your kids up with basic cooking and life skills through this amazing opportunity at Camp Capilano. Skills developed will include: measuring, reading a recipe, cooking on a budget, shopping for a large group, meal planning, grilling and roasting. Not only will campers be making their lunch and dinner for themselves, they will also be cooking for the entire group of campers (up to 40 people) for both lunch and dinner in a commercial sized kitchen. A holistic approach to food will be incorporated including: conscious eating habits, eating locally and seasonally while using the Virtues of how to "be" as a guide. Activities will also include a trip to tour Whole Foods Market to learn how to shop on a budget .Recipes themed days will include: Asian, Italian, Indian, Kids Choice Meal and of course, West Coast Cuisine.

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